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Once upon a time in a big yellow suitase there lived two clowns, Alex and Lulu. Although, why "lived"? They are still living there! And when people invite them to come over they take their yellow suitcase and put wonders and miracles, laughter and joy, fun and magic and lots of other surprises into it. And they come to your home quietly, like a fairy- tale. They put all your troubles and misfortunes into their yellow suitcase and take them away.. And leave joy and high spirits instead. And what's most important they give you hope that now all your dreams will come true!!!

Do you hear?! A train arrived, and here THEY ARE! Welcome! Maybe you have been waiting for THEM right through your life!!!

National School of Circus and Performing Arts ( GUCEI )

National School of Circus and Performing Arts ( GUCEI )

musical eccentric performer, clown directors Bukiya I.T., Shpak V.D.

juggler- directors Kiss N.A., Matveev A.P.

Russian Academy of Dramatic Art GITIS ( RATI )-- direction
/ workshop Nemchinskiy M.I. /

Retraining Academy for Arts, Education and Tourism Professionals (APRICT) direction
/ workshop Rutberg I.G./

We are grateful to our teachers, our friends and others who helped us and we hope will go on helping us in our work and art. We would like to give our thanks to (Bukiya I.T., Shpak V.D., Kiss N.A., Kirillova L.A., Bahteev G., Georgieva Yu.G., Nemzhinskii M.I., Rutberg I.G., Donskov V., Nevezhina E., Oskotskie T. & B., Yakubovskya Yu., Gebgard A., Borisov E., Sokolova N., Koha, Rumba & Vanya .......!!!

We toured in Russia, Ireland, Germany, Finland, Romania, Peru, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and other countries of the world.

We are fivefold winners of Dog Show. Once we became the main prize holders and went on a journey to France!. We took part in "Good night, little ones", "Just Animals", "Stars Factory", "New Year Appointments", "Capital Letters" (played the part of Bukvoyed ) TV shows, we appeared on "Telenanya" (TV-Babysitter) TV channel, in "Once there lived clowns" documentary and other projects..
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